Far-Right Project that Pushed Election Lies Expands Mission

A far-right project that pushed election lies and covid misinformation is now trying to expand its mission

However, the group is also facing new criticism from scholars and religious leaders about its incendiary political and Christian nationalist messages.

ReAwaken America is a project of Oklahoma-based entrepreneur Clay Clark. It has hosted numerous revival-style political events across the U.S. after receiving tens of thousands of dollars in initial funds in 2021 from millionaire Patrick Byrne. 

The group became a key vehicle for pushing election denialism and falsehoods about Covid vaccines. 

It also helped spread Donald Trump’s false claims about voter fraud in 2020. 

ReAwaken America boasts close ties to retired Lt Gen Michael Flynn, who in December 2020 met with Trump, Byrne, and others at the White House to plot ways to reverse Trump’s election loss. 

The meeting happened shortly after Trump pardoned Flynn, who was convicted for lying to the FBI about his contacts with the Russian ambassador prior to serving briefly as Trump’s national security adviser.

Experts say the ReAwaken America Tour taps into the unholy well of Christian nationalism to sow doubt about the election system and the safety of Covid vaccines while equating allegiance to Trumpism with allegiance to God.

The group is using the name of Jesus, holy scripture, and worship music to promote a partisan political agenda and personal business interests. 

A ReAwaken event at Trump’s club in May could prove useful to Trump as his fledgling campaign has reportedly witnessed a drop-off in support from some evangelical allies who have backed him in the past.

The event may give the appearance that Trump is still strong among the evangelical community, experts said. But for mainstream religious leaders and scholars who have studied the growing influence of the Christian nationalist right, the evangelical trappings and talks at the ReAwaken events, coupled with conspiratorial claims about Trump’s loss and vaccine misinformation, are worrisome and have prompted a backlash.

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