Around 300,000 Illegal Migrants Passed through Border Security in Less than 4 Months

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According to Customs and Border Protection (CBP) sources, about 300,000 illegal aliens are believed to have eluded overworked Border Patrol officials since the start of fiscal 2023, which started in October, Fox News report shows.

According to sources, since October 1 there have been 293,993 known “gotaways” who have eluded agents but have been discovered by another type of surveillance.

That works out to 2,450 each day for the last 120 days. According to sources, the number of getaways is currently on course to reach record highs. Border officials are concerned because they don’t know who these people are, where they’re from, or what part of the interior of the United States they’re trying to get to.

There were over 600,000 getaways during the fiscal year 2022. Fiscal 2023 is on track to easily surpass fiscal 2021’s gotaways at the border, which totaled 389,155. There have been more than 1.2 million gotaways under the Biden presidency, agents said Fox News last week.

The number should “scare the hell out of every American,” according to Tom Homan, a former acting director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), who also told Fox News that there is a reason why these migrants aren’t turning themselves in to the Border Patrol to be processed and released into the country.

The Biden administration has highlighted the introduction of a new set of border security measures, which include a humanitarian parole program for four nationalities coupled with enlarged Title 42 expulsions and a rule that would prevent migrants from requesting asylum if they had traveled through a third country without doing so.

Republicans and Democrats have both criticized that scheme. Asylum ineligibility and Title 42 expansions have drawn criticism from Democrats and left-leaning organizations for undermining the right to asylum.

Twenty Republican states have filed lawsuits against the federal government over the parole program, claiming that it violates the Administrative Procedure Act and goes beyond congressional directives that restrict release to individual cases.

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