Manchin Calls Biden’s Mishandling of Classified Docs Irresponsible

President Joe Biden’s handling of classified documents is totally irresponsible, Western Virginia Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin said on Sunday, stressing that it’s unbelievable how that could happen.

Speaking on CNN’s “State of the Union” amid recent discoveries of classified materials from Biden’s time as vice president and as a senator in an old office and at his Delaware home, Manchin also argued against trying the matter in a “political kangaroo court,” lauding the appointment of Attorney General Merrick Garland as special counsel to look into the Biden document discovery.

Manchin, who made headlines for holding up some of Biden’s legislative priorities in the last Congress, said that instead of taking sides, he’ll wait and see if Biden’s mishandling of classified documents is more egregious than the one of former President Donald Trump, noting that he’ll make an informed opinion based on findings of people working on the case.

According to the West Virginia senator, it’s for the president to make a “personal decision” whether this issue affects his reelection plans.

It seems that Senator Manchin isn’t the only one appalled by President Biden’s latest scandal since almost two-thirds of respondents in ABC News-Ipsos new poll believe he acted inappropriately in handling classified documents when he left office as vice president.

Published on Sunday, the survey showed that 64% find Biden’s mishandling of classified documents inappropriate, while 34% said that the president handled his classified documents appropriately while vice president.

With regard to former President Trump’s case, 77% of respondents believe that he acted inappropriately with his handling of classified documents after his term in the White House, and 22% found Trump’s handling of classified documents appropriate.

When compared, 20 percent of respondents believe Biden’s handling of classified documents was a more serious concern than Trump’s whereas 43% said they believe that Trump’s handling of classified documents was a more serious concern than Biden’s.

The American public also broadly disapproves of how both Republicans and Democrats are doing their job in Congress with Republicans receiving greater disapproval numbers (72%) than Democrats (60%), similar to the mishandling of documents.

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