Nancy Mace says GOP’s abortion stance prevented them from getting bigger House majority

Image: Wikimedia

Rep. Nancy Mace (R-S.C.) said that the abortion debate prevented Republicans from gaining a larger majority in the House and urged members to compromise on the subject, The Hill reported.

“It’s the reason we didn’t get more of a majority,” Mace said to Chuck Todd on NBC’s “Meet The Press” on Sunday. “We should have had a dozen or two dozen seat majority this legislative session but we don’t because this is one of the issues that was top of mind for swing voters.”

Mace has stated that she disagrees with the GOP’s response to Roe v. Wade’s repeal last year. While House Republican lawmakers have highlighted many proposals aimed at restricting abortion in light of their new majority, Mace has slammed her colleagues as “tone deaf.”

Despite being a pro-life advocate, Mace argued that Republicans and Democrats will need to find a way to reach an agreement on abortion.

In her area, a predominantly purple one in South Carolina, Rep. Nancy Mace claimed to have observed the effects of the pro-abortion majority attitude. She claimed to have discovered through polls and town halls that abortion is a top concern for voters.

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