No Visitor Logs for Biden’s Delaware Home, the White House Claims

Since President Joe Biden’s house in Wilmington, Delaware – where classified documents from his vice-presidential days were found- is a private residence, no visitor logs exist for it, the White House Counsel’s office said on Monday.

While the Secret Service provides security for Biden’s home and screens visitors before they arrive, it does not independently maintain visitor logs and does not maintain records of those visitors because it is a “private residence” and Biden and his staff determine who is permitted onto it, the agency’s spokesman also noted.

Ever since the classified documents were found in Biden’s private office in Washington, DC, – where the first batch of documents was discovered – and garage in his residence, House Republicans have been demanding all information related to misplaced classified documents, including any visitors logs to Biden’s private residence and who might have had access to his office.

The Republican chairman of the House of Representatives Oversight Committee reiterated on Sunday their demands for the logs for Biden’s house in Wilmington.

The White House Counsel’s office said in a statement that Biden’s personal residence is personal just like in the cases of every President across decades of modern history, but President Biden restored upon taking office the norm and tradition of keeping White House visitors logs – including publishing them regularly – after the Trump administration ended them.

In a break with prior norms, Donald Trump declined to release logs of visitors to the White House during his four years in office.

Legal experts have noted there are stark differences between the Biden documents case and the case of Trump, who faces a federal criminal probe of how he handled classified documents after he left the White House in 2021, although Republicans have sought to compare the two cases.

The point out that while Biden’s team has turned over the documents it found, Trump had resisted doing so until the FBI raid at his Palm Beach, Florida resort in August.

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