Biden Praised by Democrats for Addressing Asylum Situation

Photo credit: Reuters

Prior to his first trip to the southern border of his administration on Sunday, President Biden’s recent declaration on asylum has received plaudits from Democratic officials across the country, Fox News informed.

Details on how the Biden administration will better control the influx of asylum applicants, especially from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Venezuela, were included in the announcement. Prior to Biden’s Sunday visit to El Paso, Texas, on the U.S.-Mexico border, it was announced.

Mayor of New York City Eric Adams said in a press release that President Biden’s decision to expand the humanitarian program today to permit more asylum seekers to enter the country legally, safely, and under more controlled circumstances is a significant and encouraging step toward ensuring that the federal partners can more effectively address this humanitarian crisis.

The Biden administration’s “collaboration and reaction to our desire for action,” he added, were praised.

On Thursday, Biden made the urgent announcement that anyone attempting to enter the United States illegally will be sent back to Mexico.

However, he added, the United States would grant humanitarian parole to up to 30,000 citizens of those four nations each month if they submitted an online application, paid for their trip, and found a financial sponsor.

The mayor’s appreciation came only a few days after he made it clear that the migrant issue was a “true shame” on a “national level” and that its ramifications were wreaking havoc on his community.

Todd Gloria, the mayor of San Diego, also commended Biden and said that the statement about the border would “help speed legal avenues for orderly migration and enhance financing to organizations performing lifesaving work in our communities.”

In addition, Gloria urged the newly elected Republican majority in the House of Representatives to cooperate with Democrats in order to “pass legislation to solve our broken immigration system!”

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