Maximum salary for House raised to $212,100, Pelosi says

Image credit: EPA

The House will once more increase the staff wage ceiling, raising the maximum salary to $212,100, according to Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), who made the announcement on Friday.

“As you know, our hard-working, patriotic Congressional staffers are integral to the functioning of the House of Representatives: ensuring this institution can effectively carry out our legislative and constituent responsibilities,” Pelosi said in a Dear Colleague letter.

“To that end, we must do all we can to retain and recruit the best talent in our nation — and to build a Congressional workforce that reflects the communities we are honored to serve,” she added.

Following the 2009 implementation of the legislator pay freeze, Pelosi increased the maximum wage for House employees to $199,300 last year. This followed more than a decade of stagnant staff earnings. To preserve parity with Senate workers, the wage threshold was once more increased in May to $203,700.

After the pay ceiling was raised in 2021, House workers can now earn more than their legislator employers. The average yearly salary for members of Congress is $174,000, with members of the legislative leadership making significantly more.

The first time that Congress established a wage floor for its personnel was when Pelosi implemented a minimum $45,000 compensation for House staffers in May.

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