Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea Global Releases Sustainability Report

The new Red Sea Global in Saudi Arabia is helping deliver the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 strategy. 

The Red Sea Global aims to develop a world-class tourism industry within Saudi Arabia. It is the multi-project developer behind making the Red Sea and Amaala tourist destinations inside of the Kingdom. 

The Red Sea is Red Sea Global’s first flagship project. It is on track to welcome its first guests next year in 2023. 

This too is when the international airport in Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea, as well as the first hotels there are set to open. 

The Amaala project will be the second Red Sea project for the company and is expected to welcome visitors after 2024. Amaala is a land and property megaproject currently in development in Saudi Arabia that forms part of the Saudi Vision 2030 program. Its name is derived from the Arabic word for “hope”, and focuses on luxury tourism to attract visitors to the Red Sea coast.

The Red Sea Global company released its second annual Sustainability Report this week, which detailed its approach to sustainable development and the achievements thus far in building the two destinations. 

The report details the company’s key achievements over the past year and its commitment to transparency and accountability.

According to Red Sea Global, the company is continuing to develop innovative policies and strategies to facilitate its sustainability and regeneration commitments. These include the regulation of fisheries, removal of invasive species in the area, conservation zones, and the expansion of green and blue habitats to encourage regeneration and carbon sequestration.

“As one of the world’s most visionary multi-project developers and a leader in sustainable development, we know how important transparency is to our business. Fundamentally, we believe that accountability is the essential currency of sustainable business in today’s world,” said John Pagano, group CEO of RSG.

“We hope our pioneering approach to development, which sees us act first and foremost as global corporate citizens, can provide a clear blueprint for like-minded organizations to follow,” he said. 

External appraisals of the company’s sustainability performance have led to the company becoming the first development in the Middle East to secure platinum certification under the globally-recognized standard for green construction, LEED for Cities, and recognition as Saudi Arabia’s winner in the World Finance Corporate Governance Awards.

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