Election Denier Lake Wants Maricopa County Election Officials Imprisoned

Continuing her claim that she had really won the elections last month, Arizona defeated GOP candidate for governor, Kari Lake, called for Maricopa County election officials to be locked up.

Addressing on Sunday a crowd of young conservatives at Turning Point USA’s America Fest as she gears up to contest her opponent, Democrat Katie Hobbs’s certified victory in court hearings this week, Lake repeated at length the unproven allegations about both the 2020 presidential election her election contest.

After listing off a series of largely disproven claims about election fraud, Lake called Maricopa County election officials crooks that need to be locked up and magicians who made ballots randomly appear.

She claimed on Sunday – among other allegations – just as she has alleged in court that 300,000 ballots in Maricopa County, Arizona’s most populous jurisdiction, were tabulated without the proper chain of custody paperwork, accusing the election officials of ‘committing highway robbery’.

Lake proceeded by hinting at violence to the crowd of thousands of conservative activists, describing Maricopa County’s election system as a house of cards she threatened not to just knock over, but to burn it to the ground.

She also stressed that because of the current leadership, the Second Amendment – the right to bear arms – was in danger, noting that that amendment protected all the others.

Lake, who has sued elections administrators alleging fraud, told the crowd that she’s not sure how the judge would rule on the dismissal motion, vowing to never stop fighting and kicking this right up to the Supreme Court.

Oral arguments on Lake’s election challenge are set for Monday, and, if the case moves forward, a two-day trial is scheduled for later this week but Hobbs, asked a state judge to dismiss the motion arguing that Lake’s allegation is false.

In the court filings, Maricopa County suggested Lake does not understand that for the ballots in question, various types of chain-of-custody paperwork and the proper documentation exist.

After some vote centers experienced printer malfunctions on Election Day, Maricopa County has become an epicenter for allegations of voter disenfranchisement.

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