Hillary Schieve Sues Private Detective for Car Monitoring Device

hillary schieve

Hillary Schieve, the mayor of Reno, is suing a private investigator and his business after discovering a live GPS monitoring device affixed to her car, Fox News informed.

The case, which was filed in Washoe County’s Second Judicial Court and was first published on Thursday by The Nevada Independent, claims that the investigator trespassed onto her home to install the device without her permission.

The complaint claims that the Nevadan was unaware until a mechanic found it while servicing her car.

In addition, the suit claims that the investigator was acting on behalf of a “unidentified third party” whose identity the mayor has been unable to verify.

According to the complaint, Schieve experienced severe fear and distress as a result of the tracking and surveillance of her.

Schieve posted a picture of the gadget with the newspaper after bringing the complaint on his own behalf.

She is requesting damages for civil conspiracy, carelessness, breach of privacy, and trespassing in addition to attorney fees.

In addition, she also wants to find out who managed to hire the investigator.

The device, which Schieve discovered just weeks before her reelection, had been acquired by McNeely, according to police in Sparks, Schieve informed the Nevada Independent.

Schieve went to the Sparks police department rather than the Reno police, according to a representative for the mayor, in order to “stay clear of any conflict-of-interest problems.”

In the case, 5 Alpha Industries is also accused of installing “similar tracking devices on other vehicles of several other notable community members,” but without providing any additional supporting documentation.

Lead attorney Adam Hosmer-Henner of McDonald Carano stated in a statement supplied to The Nevada Independent that the complaint is based on a “outrageous” invasion of privacy.

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