More Classified Documents Found in Trump Search of Storage Site

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More classified documents have turned up that former president Donald Trump took with him after leaving the White House. 

It comes after earlier this week, people close to Trump claimed there were no more classified materials that were found during any searches. 

Trump was ordered by a federal judge to look harder for any other classified materials still in his possession. They found at least two more documents with classified markings inside a sealed box in one of the location. 

The search team discovered there were more documents in a federally run storage site in West Palm Beach, Florida. 

It continues a long-running sage that the former president held onto hundreds of documents after he left the White House, and took them with him to Florida instead of leaving them in office. 

The department is investigating the former president’s handling of thousands of government documents, including more than 300 classified ones, that found at Mar-a-Lago. Prosecutors are also seeking to determine whether Trump obstructed the government’s repeated efforts to retrieve the materials.

The FBI raided Mar-a-Lago and found hundreds of documents. 

Then in October, the Department of Justice told Trump’s lawyers they believed that wasn’t the full set. They said they believed there were more classified materials that were not returned in response to a subpoena issued back in May. 

There was a debate between Trump’s lawyers over whether they should bring in an independent firm to conduct a new search after the Justice Department said there were more documents. 

And they were found in a storage unit. 

The discovery of the documents came during a series of wider searches that were conducted around Thanksgiving at a variety of Trump properties, including Trump’s golf club in Bedminster, N.J.; at Trump Tower in New York; and in a storage closet at Mar-a-Lago. 

Alex Cannon, a lawyer who worked with Trump in many capacities, became involved in the ordeal last autumn and tried to help archive officials retrieve materials.  When Cannon raised the prospect with Trump that officials were uncertain that they had everything returned, the former president told him to tell the officials that he had given everything back. Cannon refused to do so, and soon stopped being involved.

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