Analysis: Bad month for Trump

Former president Donald trump is not having a great month. 

Experts are weighing in to say this is the kind of bad week that could break Trump. 

The past week has been especially bad for his comeback. 

His family business the Trump organization was convicted of criminal tax fraud

His hand picked candidate in Georgia lost a closely watched massive race in the Senate. 

The House select com,otter investigating the Jan 6 2021 insurrection on the Capitol decided to make criminal referrals to the depart,ent of Justice, possibly of him or his close inner circle. 

And his call to terminate the constitution has once again backed a fractured Republican Party into a corner. The exact document that the president swears to protect, preserve and defend. But now he isn’t a fan of the constitution since he is continuing to peddle the false claim that the 2020 election was stolen from him. 

For the former president, who rushed to announce his third run for the White House, the losses, legal setbacks and e,harassment’s are quickly piling up. 

His unusually early announcement of another presidential run was partly aimed at clearing the republicans fie;d for 2024. But only three weeks into being a candidate once again, he has undercut his own goal. 

His vulnerabilities have come into focus in those short weeks, and a considerable amount of ammunition has been handed to anyone in the gop who wants to turn the page on him. 

Trump came out of the November primary elections with a string of embarrassing losses to show for his swath of endorsements. 

And since then he has hosted a leading white supremacist and a celebrity antisemite at his Mar a Lago estate in Florida. And this week entertained more fringe guests, posing for photos and hanging out with QAnon and ‘pizzagate’ conspiracy theorists. 

The losses and embarrassments are piling up and aggravating long standing concerns among fellow Republicans that his victory in 2016 may have been an aberration, and that his persistence for a comeback could sink the party. 

It remains too soon to weigh in on the long-term effects on Trump’s latest candidacy of the current run of defeats, but experts and analysts say abandonment has begun. 

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