Tesla Chief Executive and Twitter owner Elon Musk Have Had a Busy Week 

On the Tesla front, the richest person in the world has delivered the company’s first heavy-duty Semi truck, but it came without offering any kind of forecast of the cost for the vehicle, and without any production plans or how much cargo it could haul. 

On Twitter, Musk has announced a new feature that will allow users to see how many people read their tweets. He also has made some big moves un-suspending and re-suspending Twitter users. 

The big person in focus on Twitter has become rapper Kanye West. 

Musk reinstated West on Twitter once he purchased the social media company. Musk is a self-proclaimed free-speech absolutionist, demanding that the popular social media platform has no boundaries in terms of free speech. 

But the realities of free speech have hit Musk head-on. Musk intervened after West, who he personally reinstated on the platform, posted a swastika inside the Star of David. 

Ye, the rapper formerly known as Kenya West, is now suspended from Twitter after tweeting the image less than two weeks after returning to the platform 

The suspension took place hours after Ye praised Adolf Hitler and the Nazis in an interview on InfoWars, a show hosted by the rightwing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

Ye was one of several high-profile Twitter users whose accounts were banned or restricted on the site who then had them reinstated after Elon Musk took over as owner.

More has been happening on Twitter on the back-end of the platform as well. Musk said that users will soon be able to see how many times their tweets have been used after a user claimed that no one reads his tweets. 

The actions at Tesla are also in focus right now. While Musk has delivered the first Tesla truck, the lack of updates around output or pricing has put it under fire. 

Musk, who appeared onstage at an event at Tesla’s Nevada plant, said the battery-powered, long-haul truck would reduce highway emissions, outperform existing diesel models on power and safety and spin-off a fast-charging technology Tesla would use in its upcoming Cybertruck pickup.

Musk called the new release “badass.” 

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