Progressive Activists Ready Campaign to Counter New House GOP Majority

Republicans are on track to assume a slim majority of the House next year, prompting progressive groups to roll out a coordinated campaign to counter the new majority as soon as it takes charge in January.

Progressives have been bracing for the possibility of a Republican takeover of the House for months. In the midterm elections last week, the G.O.P. won a historically small House majority.

Under the umbrella of an initiative called Courage for America, progressive activists plan to establish a war room, begin media campaigns, hold events in targeted congressional districts and conduct other activities to emphasize what they see as the harms of Republican policies and counter the G.O.P.’s efforts to hamstring and tarnish the Biden administration with a barrage of investigations.

The Courage for America effort is just one of the Democratic-allied campaigns that have come to life in the aftermath of the midterm elections. 

This campaign will focus both on Republican policies on issues, and on expected investigations, the groups decry as politically motivated. Issues include entitlements, immigration, abortion rights, the environment, and health care.

Courage for America will also support an independently run new House “accountability war room”. Its leader will be Zac Petkanas, a veteran Democratic strategist who worked for Harry Reid of Nevada in the Senate and on Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, where he was director of rapid response.

Its new website features a prominent picture of Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, the right-wing conspiracy theorist from Georgia, along with Representative Kevin McCarthy of California, the party’s nominee for speaker, and declares that the House G.O.P. “puts the power over the freedoms and well-being of American families.”

The effort comes as Republicans toil to overcome their divisions and figure out how to govern. 

Democrats are primed to do as much as they can to disrupt the delicate balance that McCarthy will have to strike to keep a handle on his fractious ranks.

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