UK to Strike Gas Deal with US 

New British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is set to agree to a new energy partnership with the United States after the UN climate change summit COP 27. 

Talks about the “energy security partnership” are in their final stages, with the U.S. planning to sell billions of cubic meters of liquefied natural gas to the United Kingdom over the coming year. It comes after the war in Ukraine exacerbated energy shortages, prompting warnings of blackouts this winter in Britain. 

Sunak used his visit to Cop 27 in Egypt to urge world leaders to “honor” their promises to tackle climate change. 

The UK’s willingness to import more fossil fuels while urging action to tackle climate change is likely to be criticized or flat-out condemned by environmentalists, activists, and green experts. 

Some will welcome the deal, who have prioritized energy bills over the country’s commitment to decreasing emissions in order to stop global warming. 

It is understood that Liz Truss, the former prime minister, and U.S. President Joe Biden had personally discussed details of the agreement. Truss lasted less than 50 days in office before resigning and then being replaced by Sunak. 

Downing Street insiders had hoped to announce the package on Friday, Oct 21, but that plan was scrapped as Truss resigned the day before and after mounting pressure from within her party to quit.

The deal has continued to be pursued by British officials in Washington DC under Sunak, with an announcement expected in the next week or two, although a date is yet to be decided.

While the specifics of the deal are not yet fully signed off, the U.S. is set to promise to export billions of cubic meters of liquefied natural gas to the UK.

Sunak told world leaders at Cop 27 that the energy crisis meant the world should move faster on net zero. The Prime Minister said: “We can bequeath our children a greener planet, and a more prosperous future. That’s a legacy we could be proud of.”

Sunak was abruptly pulled out of a climate change conference mid-event, leaving some onlookers confused after staffers appeared beside him, whispered into his ear, and then whisked him away from the stage. During a panel at COP 27, Sunak was seen making a hasty exit from the room. 

Downing Street has so far given no explanation for the leader’s hasty departure, and it remains unclear what was said to him on stage. However, some local media reports suggested that Sunak “left early to prepare for a keynote climate change speech he would make later in the afternoon”. 

Sunak was initially set to skip COP 27, saying his office was busy preparing an upcoming budget proposal. But the new prime minister reversed course following criticism from lawmakers and climate advocates. 

In announcing his decision to attend the event, the PM declared that there could be “no long-term prosperity without action on climate change,” vowing to help create a “secure, clean and sustainable future.”

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