New York’s AG Sued Over Abuse of Position by Trump

New York Attorney General Letitia James faced another lawsuit on Wednesday in which former President Donald Trump alleges that by embarking on a war of intimidation and harassment against him, she’s abused her position.

Filed in Palm Beach County in Florida, the lawsuit is seeking to prevent James, whom Trump called crooked and highly partisan, to obtain records from the trust that holds the Trump Organization’s ownership,

Trump argues that James is contravening New York and Florida laws, noting that according to Florida law James has no authority to do so, and is accusing her of pursuing a relentless, pernicious, public, and unapologetic crusade against him aimed at destroying him personally, financially, and politically.

He also contended James’ obsessive pursuit of him resulted in her taking actions that are improper for a state attorney general.

Just over a month ago, James filed accused in a civil lawsuit against Trump and his family members of financial fraud, referring them to the IRS and the federal prosecutors for criminal investigation.

James’ office argues that Donald Trump’s lawsuit would have no bearing on their criminal investigation.

In an attempt to stop James’ office’s civil investigation into the Trump Organization’s business practices, Trump previously filed a lawsuit against James, but in May, a federal judge dismissed the litigation.

Trump’s two previous attempts to stop its investigation efforts were rejected, according to the spokesperson from the New York AG’s office who noted that they’ve reflected Donald Trump’s baseless attempts to evade justice.

Noting that James sued the former US president because he committed extensive financial fraud, the spokesperson said that no number of lawsuits will deter AG’s office from pursuing this fraud, stressing that no person, no matter how powerful or political he might be, is above the law.

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