Rep. Omar Spends Thousands on Security Services


Following her vows to defund the police and support for a campaign to abolish the Minneapolis Police Department, Rep. Ilhan Omar’s campaign recently spent tens of thousands of dollars on private security services, federal papers reveal, Fox News informed.

According to Federal Election Commission documents, the Omar’s campaign has paid $27,081.14 on “security services” between the months of July and September. All of the payments were channeled to Relative Intel LLC a company that provides consultancy, training, and protection services.

The highest money her campaign has ever paid Omar for similar services is in the most recent payments.

A study of federal papers reveals that before the third quarter, her campaign paid private security companies almost $83,000 between May 2019 and July of this year.

The contributions come in response to Omar’s requests for police funding to be cut and her support for a movement to abolish and replace the Minneapolis PD.

Minneapolis, which has seen a dramatic spike in the majority of crimes over the past year, is one of the Twin Cities cities that Relative Intel LLC serves.

After George Floyd’s passing in May 2020, violent violence in Minneapolis increased dramatically.

The city came one homicide short of its all-time high of 97 homicides in 1997 last year.

Theft of motor vehicles, larceny/theft, carjackings, destruction of property, and assaults are all on the rise, despite the fact that murders have decreased this year.

Omar, on the other hand, was the one who initially led the “defund the police” movement soon after Floyd’s passing.

Later, when the city’s crime rate increased, Omar backed a campaign against the Minneapolis Police Department. An initiative to abolish the city’s police force and replace it with a “Department of Public Safety” was led by far-left activists last year. The charter amendment was successfully added to the November ballot by the activists.

The external funding for the initiative came in droves from wealthy liberal individuals and activist organizations. According to Fox News Digital, the Open Society Policy Center, a George Soros advocacy organization, contributed $500,000 to the campaign.

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