Columbia University Strikes $165mln Settlement over Ex-Gynecologist Sex Assaults

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Nearly 150 patients of a former gynecologist who was accused of sexual assault by dozens of women have reached a $165 million settlement, according to Columbia University and its associated institutions.

The former gynecologist Robert Hadden entered a guilty plea to “two New York State charges of a criminal sex act in the third degree and forcible touching” in 2016. Hadden is currently in federal court awaiting trial on eight charges of transporting women over state borders for alleged sexual assault between 1993 and 2012.

The university and a group of 79 women who were Hadden’s patients negotiated a $71.5 million settlement in December. The remaining 147 patients and the New York-Presbyterian hospital negotiated a $165 million settlement, the institution said in a statement on Friday.

Hadden has not practiced medicine since 2012, Columbia University stated.

To disburse the funds, the hospitals will set up a compensation fund, according to the university.

“We deeply regret the pain that Robert Hadden’s patients suffered and hope that these resolutions will provide some measure of support for the women he hurt. All those who came forward should be commended,” the university said, per Reuters.

Over 1,000 people who claimed a former sports doctor had sexually assaulted them were the subject of a $490 million settlement, the University of Michigan said in September.

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