DOJ Warns Public of Possible Hurricane Ian Frauds

The Department of Justice (DOJ) is alerting the public to possible fraud in the wake of Hurricane Ian, The Hill reported.

According to the DOJ’s National Center for Disaster Fraud, there is no reason to think that thieves would slow down their attempts to swindle victims who are already experiencing the effects of the storm.

In a DOJ press release, the center warned that consumers should be on the lookout for dishonest practices such as phony organizations utilizing well-known charities’ identities to request donations right away and persons overcharging for necessities for hurricane victims.

Fraudsters may even pose as representatives of insurance companies or other agencies and promise catastrophe relief in exchange for personal information like a Social Security number.

According to the press release, property theft from homes and businesses left unattended during a natural catastrophe frequently affects individuals.

People are advised by the center to only give to well-known charities after researching them and getting in touch with them. Additionally, people shouldn’t ever click on links in unsolicited emails or texts or believe online charity appeals to be genuine.

According to the institute, it is best to stay away from giving cash to charity and to refrain from making donations to specific people.

To confirm if someone is posing as a representative or official, people can also phone a government organization or an insurance provider.

Last week, Hurricane Ian, a Category 4 hurricane, devastated Florida and other regions of the Southeast of United States. More than 100 deaths have been officially reported, with that figure certain to go up because it was one of the worst storms to ever hit the nation.

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