“Pro-Life” Walker’s Team Knew of Abortion Allegation Months Ago 


Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker is facing another scandal in the high-stakes Georgia Senate election. GOP candidate has run on a “pro-life” campaign, standing aggressively against abortion rights.

Then this week, a bombshell report was released that Walker reimbursed a former girlfriend for an abortion in 2009, despite his strong public stance against abortions. 

The woman has the receipts. The woman provided a literal receipt of the abortion, as well as a deposited check from Walker for $700 that paid for the procedure, and even a signed “get well soon” card bearing, what appeared to be, Walker’s signature.

The one-time professional football player is in a race to unseat the Democrat Sen. Raphael Warnock. 

Walker’s team apparently knew for months before the news broke about the abortion, and warned the candidate that the story could completely torpedo his campaign. 

Four people with knowledge of those preliminary discussions said that the abortion issue was well known within the state, even before reporters began inquiring about it.

The abortion was brought to the attention of those working on Walker’s behalf, in part as a means of discouraging him from running. The team did not outright deny it but instead hoped it would not come out. 

So the Walker team pushed forward and attempted to downplay the potential disruption it would cause. 

“The reaction was not, ‘They’re not going to say that because it never happened.’ It was like everything else, ‘Eh, people aren’t going to find out,’” a top Georgia GOP operative said. 

But people found out. Walker has denied the report. Former President Donald Trump, who endorsed Walker earlier in the campaign, reaffirmed his support

What the statements of support for Walker leave out is the admission that many people in top GOP circles, including those with ties to the Trump operation, were aware for months about the allegation’s existence.

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