Elon Musk to Face Deposition by Twitter Lawyers Ahead of Trial

The richest man in the world Elon Musk is scheduled to spend the next few days with lawyers for Twitter to show he abandoned the deal due to falling financial markets. 

The deposition questions come ahead of an October trial that will determine whether the Tesla CEO must follow through on his $44 billion agreement to acquire the social platform after attempting over and over to back out of the deal.

The deposition was planned for Monday and Tuesday with a possible extension on Wednesday. 

But the deposition did not occur on Monday, nor was a reason given for the delay. The interviews will not be public. Musk won a reprieve from questioning on Monday, with the questioning postponed to a later date. 

Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal, who was also scheduled to face Musk lawyers on Monday, likewise postponed his deposition. Musk is known to be combative in his testimony style. 

Twitter’s attorneys are expected to use the interview to try to show that Musk abandoned the deal due to falling financial markets. And that he did not try to get out of the deal because he was misled over the number of bots, which is what Musk alleges. 

Musk has claimed that Twitter misled him about the real number of users or hid security flaws, including bot accounts. 

In April, Musk, the richest man in the world, agreed to buy Twitter and take the social media platform private. It was sold at $54.20 a share. 

In July, he tried to back out of the deal. This prompted Twitter to file a lawsuit to force him to carry through with the acquisition for the agreed-upon price. He wants to abandon his deal without any penalty. 

The trial over the purchase is set to begin on October 12 and last for a short five days.

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