Possible Military Coup in China, Xi Jinping Under House Arrest

A week after the country’s two former ministers were sentenced for corruption in a decision that was one of the most divisive in the history of the country, social media is awash with rumors that President Xi Jinping of China has been placed under house arrest and that a coup may be taking place in the nation, MSN informed.

According to social media posts, many of which were made by specialists from China, an extraordinary military movement was observed toward Xi Jinping’s Beijing house. Close to Xi’s house, military trucks could be seen moving.

On social media, a few purported films depicting these motions have also gained popularity. There’s however neither any official comment on these speculations nor any confirmed report on the military movement toward the capital.

Many Chinese social media users claimed that the possibility of a coup was practically verified as the nation abruptly canceled over 9,000 domestic flights for no apparent reason.

Some even claimed that the head of the military, General Li Qiaoming, would take office as President.

Military vehicles from the PLA are en route to Beijing on September 22, according to a Twitter user going by the name Jennifer Zeng. The entire procession was up to 80 kilometers long, beginning in Huanlai County in Beijing and ended in Zhangjiakou City in the Hebei Province.

Rumor has it that #XiJinping was detained after #CCP senior members dismissed him from his position as leader of the PLA.

According to Steve Smith, a user of social media, something significant—possibly a coup—is unfolding in China. 6000 flights have been canceled, and significant military activity is underway.

Flights being canceled

Flight Master said that 9,583 flights were canceled nationally on September 21 based on a source from The Epoch Times.

The number of flights canceled that day represented 59.66% of all scheduled flights.

It should be mentioned that Flight Master provides details on domestic flight, ticketing, and travel services.

Additionally, the reports stated that several Chinese air transport hubs had cancellation rates of more than 50%.

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