White House Won’t Say whether Biden Would Favor any Abortion Limits

In light of the Democrats’ push to protect access to abortion after Roe v. Wade was overturned, Fox News Digital asked the White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre what restrictions, if any, President Biden would prefer on abortion.

What restrictions does the president want to place on abortion? was the question Fox News Digital posed to Jean-Pierre and her White House press team on Friday afternoon.

No one responded.

In a Friday news conference, Fox News’ Peter Doocy pressed Jean-Pierre after the press secretary referred to Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham’s 15-week abortion limit measure as “severe” to clarify what restrictions President Biden would deem “acceptable” on abortion.

After stating that the proposal would “take us backwards” and “threaten the health of women,” Jean-Pierre declined to elaborate on the president’s stance regarding the number of weeks he would deem too deep into a pregnancy for an abortion.

Doocy said that the Republicans are claiming they oppose abortion beyond 15 weeks and questioned Jean-Pierre as to why they would not delve into specifics on the subject.

Doocy questioned why the White House was unable to state what Biden’s position was on the matter and what the appropriate upper limit was.

The press secretary continued to avoid questions, claiming that Republicans are “revoking Americans’ freedoms and rights and that their current focus is calling that out, adding that they will continue to do so.

Abortions are resuming in Indiana after an Indiana judge blocked the state’s abortion ban from being enforced on Thursday. Immediately afterward, phones started ringing across Indiana abortion clinics, which are preparing to resume the procedure a week after the ban had gone into effect.

Last week, Indiana’s near-total abortion ban went into effect. It outlawed all abortions from the moment of conception. The ban held narrow exceptions only for rape and incest before 10 weeks, lethal fetal anomalies before 20 weeks, and medical emergencies. 

Under the ban, doctors performing illegal abortions could lose their medical licenses.

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