CENTCOM: US Green Village Base in Syria Targeted in Rocket Attack

The US military base Green Village in northeast Syria was the target of a rocket attack on Sunday that failed to hit the US or coalition forces, or any equipment, the US Central Command (CENTCOM) has said.

As per CENTCOM’s statement, the latest failed attack struck the base early Sunday evening with three 107 mm rockets while the investigation afterward discovered a fourth rocket along with rocket tubes was found about 5 kilometers away from the base, at the launch point

Though the Central Command gave no further details, and it was not immediately clear who was behind the failed attack, CENTCOM said back in August that the Green Village was targeted by Iran-backed militants.

At least three US military service members in Syria sustained minor injuries in the last month’s incidents – involving two separate rocket attacks – at the Green Village base between the US military and Iran-backed militants, three of which were killed while conducting the attacks.  

Although Tehran publicly denied any involvement with the groups behind the series of attacks on American personnel, the US military established that they’re linked to Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard.

August’s attacks came hours after Washington launched airstrikes against Iranian-backed groups in eastern Syria.

The US undersecretary of defense for policy, Colin Kahl, said at the time that the American military strikes in eastern Syria aimed at pushing back against Iran’s support for terrorism, militancy, and the threats that they engage in against Americans in the region or elsewhere.

US forces, about 900 of which still remain in Syria, most of them in the east, were first deployed in the country where they’re partnering with a Kurdish-led group called the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) since the start of the Obama administration’s campaign against ISIS.

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