Senate Candidate Proud He’s Not Endorsed by Donald Trump

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During an appearance on NBC News, Joe O’Dea, a Republican Senate candidate in Colorado, boasted that he had not received the support of former President Donald Trump, Newsweek reported.

Despite being the subject of several legal inquiries, Trump continues to have significant power inside the GOP. Prior to the November midterm elections, he supported a number of Republican candidates, leveraging his influence with party members to support candidates who share his political philosophy and false accusations of widespread voter fraud in the 2020 election.

O’Dea is the one exception to the Republican candidates he has supported and supported with rallies. In the state that President Joe Biden won by a wide margin in 2020, O’Dea has worked to separate himself from the former leader.

Chuck Todd, the show’s presenter, questioned O’Dea on Sunday’s episode of Meet the Press about whether he wanted the former president to run a campaign for him. In his reply, O’Dea noted that Trump had not endorsed him.

“I’m the only Senate candidate in the Republican Party that hasn’t been endorsed by Donald Trump. He’s probably not going to send me a Christmas card,” O’Dea said—though other candidates have also not received Trump’s endorsement.

He continued by saying that he opposed the re-election of either Trump or Biden, who have both declared their intention to seek the presidency in 2024.

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