Saudi Aramco Launches ‘Global AI Corridor’ to Boost Local Ecosystem

A deal to launch a “Global AI Corridor” with Saudi state oil giant Saudi Aramco will aim to link Riyadh to the U.S. state of California. 

The project, named ‘Aramco Global AI Corridor,’ is to be valued at $250 million. It was revealed by Aramco President and CEO Amin Nasser at the ongoing Global AI Summit in Riyadh. 

“The Corridor is designed to develop and commercialize complex AI solutions, to train Saudi talent, support Saudi start-ups and, together with global partners, build a local AI ecosystem. This will include an AI Delivery Factory, AI Academy, AI Venturing Studio, and unique R&D AI labs,” said Nasser during his keynote speech at the event.

Beyond Limits is an artificial intelligence company based in the United States. 

Beyond Limits CEO AJ Abdallat said the deal will include building a center with Aramco that will focus on energy and combating climate change and will span across five years. 

During his keynote speech, Nasser noted that small and medium enterprises in the Kingdom should be ready to adopt artificial intelligence technologies to move ahead in the future.

“We are already an energy leader, We can be an AI leader too,” he said.

Nasser continued that the purpose of artificial intelligence is to complement human judgment, not replace it. He said AI is the optimum mix of human and machine capabilities. 

Aramco is using AI technology to face cybersecurity threats as well as using AI in the geology sector. Within the geology sector, deep learning technology helps achieve results in minutes, as opposed to several months as it used to require in the past.

The Global AI Summit is currently running in Riyadh, and is going from Sept.13 to Sept.15. It is exploring the impact of Artificial Intelligence across multiple topics, including crucial issues such as economic mobility, health care, human capability development, and smart cities. 

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