US Treasury States that a Committee Run by Democrats, not Republicans, Must Request Hunter Biden’s Records

Hunter Biden

Hunter Biden’s financial information won’t be provided to Republican legislators, according to the US Treasury, because a committee with Democratic approval must first approve the request, Fox News informed.

The Treasury Department’s decision to require the request to go via a Democrat-controlled committee makes it nearly impossible for Republican lawmakers to obtain the information they are seeking on “suspicious activity reports” on President Joe Biden’s son.

According to Reuters, significant currency transfers or transactions above $5,000 are included in these notifications of suspicious conduct.

These reports might point to fraud or money laundering, but they might also be legitimate.

Republicans have made a number of attempts to obtain the information; however, the Treasury has consistently rejected each of their requests.

The Biden administration was charged with altering standard operating procedures to protect Hunter Biden from a prospective Republican-led investigation, according to Republican Representative James Comer from Kentucky, who is also part of the House Oversight and Reform Committee.

The Biden Administration is limiting Congress’ access to SARs, and Committee Republicans are looking into whether this departure from long-standing practice is intended to protect Hunter Biden and, potentially, President Biden from examination, according to a letter from Commer dated July 6, 2022.

The Republican reaffirmed his demand for the records in the letter after the Treasury refused to provide any “documents or information.”

The story also says that Janet Yellen, the Treasury secretary is requesting a statement stating why she is collecting the information and that her reluctance to cooperate “is not a political procedure.”

Rep. Comer refuted the Treasury’s assertion that it had turned over all relevant information, despite the Treasury’s assertion.

The House of Representatives now has 223 Democrats, giving them a majority over the 212 Republicans.

Republicans may recover the majority in the next midterm elections in November, according to some experts.

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