US Lawmakers Vindicated after Report Shows Most Ukraine Aid is Scam

After a CBS News report showed that only 30% of the Western weapons flooding into Ukraine as military aid are actually making it to the front lines in its conflict with Russia, GOP lawmakers are feeling vindicated for opposing a $40 billion Ukraine aid package.

In a retweet of the CBS News post, US Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Georgia) said on Twitter that this is one of the reasons she voted against the massive aid bill which passed overwhelmingly in May with the support of all Democrats and most GOP lawmakers.

Greene was among 57 House Republicans who voted ‘no’. The bill later passed in the Senate by an 86-11 margin, with eleven Republicans opposing it.

Citing Lithuanian aid group founder Jonas Ohman, the CBS story noted that most of the weaponry sent to Ukraine as part of the nearly $60 billion in the US and Western European aid since Russia’s military offensive began in February has failed to get through to Ukrainian fighters.

The outlet explained that getting weapons to the troops involves navigating a complex network of power lords, oligarchs, and political players, citing t the same time Amnesty International senior crisis adviser Donatella Rovera as saying there’s really no information on where the weapons are going.

GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colorado) emphasized that prior to the CBS report, such scrutiny had been dismissed and people were called Russian bots for saying the exact same thing – that the majority of the Ukraine aid is a scam – since March.

Democrats accused Greene of standing with Putin in the face of Russian aggression for arguing that the US government is focused on sending billions of dollars in aid to Ukraine at a time when American mothers can’t even afford to buy formula for their babies.

Back in April, CNN cited a US intelligence official as saying that once they reached Ukraine, the arms shipments were dropping into a big black hole.

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