Kansas Abortion Vote to Build Momentum for U.S. Changes

The White House is attempting to capitalize on the Kansas abortion vote initiative’s shockingly high percentage of pro-abortion votes, The Hill reports.

The vote has invigorated pro-choice activists who interpret the victory in a conservative state as evidence that the majority of people reject the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

The day following the vote, President Biden signed his second pro-abortion executive order, and Vice President Harris visited with pro-reproductive rights activists. The Kansas news, which the two also praised at fundraisers immediately after the vote and which they are seeing as a possible game-changer in terms of how people feel ahead of November, might be a game-changer.

A state constitutional proposal in Kansas that would have given the state legislature additional authority to control access to abortion was shot down by almost 60% of voters on election day. After the Supreme Court overruled Roe v. Wade, that was the first time the public was surveyed regarding abortion rights.

In accordance with an executive order signed by Biden on Wednesday, the Department of Health and Human Services must consider collaborating with states to use Medicaid waivers to cover the costs associated with abortions for women who travel across state borders.

Harris praised the activists in Kansas for their efforts to defeat the ballot initiative on Thursday during a discussion on reproductive rights with state lawmakers and municipal leaders in Boston. She attended a DNC fundraising gathering on Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, after her meeting to raise money.

She has recently made a number of trips to several states to meet with local authorities and proponents of reproductive rights. In order to discuss defending reproductive rights in their states, Harris also gathered Latina lawmakers at the White House on Friday. During her opening remarks, she said that “the people of Kansas made plain to help and encourage women to make choices about their own bodies.”

The White House has been encouraging voters to choose pro-choice candidates who will uphold Roe in November. They now claim Kansas demonstrated the effectiveness of the messaging.

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