GOP Civil War on Ukraine Builds Between MAGA, Reagan Republicans 

There is a civil war building within the GOP over the United States’ policy towards Russia and Ukraine. Reagan Republicans are pitted against the more isolationist MAGA Republicans who take their belief structure from former president Donald Trump. 

The continued fight within the GOP should shape the future U.S. policy, especially if the Republicans take the House or Senate after the midterm elections in November this year. 

The war on ideology could also shape the growing contest to become the next GOP presidential nominee for 2024, with Trump himself contending to be a possible candidate. 

GOP lawmakers who want to continue the American support for Ukraine are sending out warning signals, calling for the government to continue backing Ukraine no matter what party holds onto the congressional majority. 

Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick (R-PA), said: “If freedom is under assault by dictatorship and we don’t back up freedom, then what message does that send?” 

Most Republican lawmakers have backed military aid and support for Ukraine. However, Fitzpatrick, who sits on the House Intelligence and House Foreign Affairs committees, senses waning support. 

There are fears that the U.S. could become fatigued with the Ukraine fight, or could become distracted by its own domestic problems. High inflation, and the potential for an economic recession, is a huge danger. 

Fitzpatrick said that the early support was very strong and very bipartisan, but that some of this support was waning. 

“Part of it is natural just because it’s not in the headlines,” Fitzpatrick said. “We can’t allow domestic politics to overshadow the fact that there’s a genocide going on in Ukraine right now.” 

Ranking member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Sen. James Risch (R-Idaho) invoked Reagan’s name when calling on fellow lawmakers to not waiver in their support, saying Reagan would “hang his head in shame” if he knew that the U.S. walked away from Ukraine instead of helping them. 

GOP lawmakers who oppose support for Ukraine largely say that they do not want to send money abroad, and instead want to use it within the U.S., especially to fortify the borders and invest in energy production. 

Trump allies and far-right lawmakers, including Marjorie Taylor Greene (Georgia) and Matt Gaetz (Florida) are among the Trumpian Republicans who are against helping Ukraine.

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