Ocasio-Cortez Says It is a Concern that People Think She is Disconnected from Supporters

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a progressive, said in a recent interview that it is “always a concern” that people would think she is disconnected from her supporters.

The New York Democrat expressed concern to the Associated Press about the chance that her celebrity profile would give people the impression that she is out of touch with their issues. “It’s always a concern that that’s a perception,” she said.

She continued that she has never had any knowledge that kind of event began the instant she was elected adding that this is the reason it is so crucial for her to stay in the neighborhood.

One of the most well-known Democrats online, Ocasio-Cortez has over 13 million followers on Twitter alone, and her posts frequently go viral on social media.

Ocasio-online Cortez’s notoriety, a Democratic consultant told the Associated Press, doesn’t necessarily convert into popularity offline.

She is not well-liked outside of the extremely online far-left, according to Democratic political consultant Jon Reinish in New York.

She is significantly more liberal than the overwhelming majority of the New York voters.

Some voters, including one who claimed during a town hall in March that he doesn’t reside in the congresswoman’s district, which includes portions of The Bronx and Queens, but claims he regards her as a regular person, believe that Ocasio-success Cortez’s on social media has translated to real life.

Fox News Digital contacted the office of Ocasio-Cortez’s about a comment, but they didn’t get back right away.

After re-posting a video from political satirist Alex Stein to her millions of followers, showing him praising her looks and calling her “his favorite big booty Latina” as she walked right up the Capitol steps, the New York congresswoman became embroiled in a widely reported social media feud this week.

In a social media post, Ocasio-Cortez called the remarks “racist” and “sexist,” adding that it was “a shame to work in an organization that openly accepted this.”

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