Jan. 6 Panel Could Issue Criminal Referral for Trump, Cheney Says

Liz Cheney

In an interview broadcast on Sunday, Wyoming Republican Rep. Liz Cheney said that the House select committee investigating the events that occurred during January 6, 2021, insurrection could make multiple criminal referrals, including of former President Donald Trump.

Cheney, the panel’s vice-chair, also noted that the Justice Department doesn’t have to wait for the committee to make a criminal referral.

A few days before Cheney’s remarks, the former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson gave an explosive testimony before the panel investigating the US Capitol’s attack, saying that Trump was infuriated when his Secret Service detail told him on Jan.6 that he cannot accompany protesters to the Capitol.

The committee, according to Cheney, had significant evidence corroborating Trump’s intense fury at being told he couldn’t go to the Capitol on January 6 as well as on a whole range of issues.

According to Illinois Rep. Adam Kinzinger, the other Republican serving on the Jan. 6 panel, Cassidy’s testimony had inspired a lot of people, and that more witnesses have come forward since her last week’s revelations.

Kinzinger, however, refused to go into details about potential new witnesses.

Even though the majority of the panel’s members are agreeing that Trump committed a crime by pushing conspiracies about the 2020 election, the January 6 committee has been split on the issue of criminal referrals.

However, Cheney – who has experienced significant blowback from the GOP for her denunciations of Trump and her role in leading the Jan. 6 riot’s investigation – expects the panel to take a stance on whether Trump should be prosecuted.

She also insisted the proceedings are not meant to politically disqualify Trump from running for president in 2024 though she believes that the Republican Party would not survive if he’s selected again as the GOP presidential nominee.

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