California Democrat Arrested in Pro-Choice Demonstration

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On Thursday, while participating in a pro-choice demonstration, U.S. Capitol Police detained Representative Judy Chu, a California Democrat, for crowding, obstruction, or discomfort, Fox News informed.

On Wednesday afternoon, protesters shut down the intersection of First Street and Constitution Avenue close to the Capitol and Supreme Court buildings.

Following numerous warnings to protesters, Capitol police made 181 arrests, according to a tweet from the department on Wednesday.

After being arrested Chu stated in a tweet on Wednesday saying that the decision to march was simple; that she went out to protest for the young rape victim, the woman who cannot afford to fly to another state for life-saving care, and the mother whose life is in risk due to an ectopic pregnancy.

She also said that she marched for everyone.

After the Supreme Court upheld a Mississippi statute that forbids abortion after the 15 weeks of pregnancy in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization last week, protests were held on Capitol Hill.

Another statement by the California representative asserted that when she first learned that Roe v. Wade had been reversed, she “instantly thought of who would be most harmed by this current decision: a young girl who is a rape survivor; a woman who cannot afford the travel costs of getting to another state for health care; an expecting mother that has an ectopic pregnancy whose life is threatened because she can’t have an abortion.

Since the verdict, 13 states in the US are prepared to institute immediate prohibitions on abortion, and 13 more may soon do the same.

Since the latest high court decision, each state’s laws are different and some of the bans include specific medical exemptions, like ectopic pregnancies, but also exemptions for incest and rape.

She also said that she is stepping up her efforts to abolish the Senate filibuster and pass her legislation Women’s Health Protection Act, adding that they will not be silent on this issue.

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