Biden Challenges Voters to Support Reps. who Will Codify Roe v. Wade

Photo credit: Reuters

US President Joe Biden challenged voters to give their support to representatives who will codify Roe v. Wade safeguards into federal law in the November’s midterms or risk a GOP-controlled Congress which will “attempt to restrict abortions statewide” during a meeting with the Democratic governors on Friday, Fox News informed.

Just one week after the Supreme Court revealed its ruling to give back the abortion debate control to the states, after a long period of 50 years, the president held a virtual meeting with the governors of 10 states on Friday.

As a result of the terrible overturning of Roe v. Wade, Biden stated on Friday that he is collaborating closely with all of the governors to “defend women’s rights.”

The “awful, outrageous judgment” is “upending lives and jeopardizing the health and safety of millions of women,” according to Biden.

Biden stated that he shares the public fury over this radical court that is determined to regressing America with fewer rights, less autonomy, and politicians interfering in the most intimate decisions that, not only women, men as well. However, he said that it is still not over.

The president described the actions his administration has done so far to defend women’s rights and said that the Justice Department would endeavor to defend those seeking medical care outside of jurisdictions that forbid abortions.

Additionally, Biden stated that the government “would intervene and safeguard the woman’s right to that medication” if a state tries to prevent a woman from obtaining it.

The filibuster “should not stand in the way of the Congress that will ultimately have to act on codifying Roe into a federal law.

Following the Supreme Court’s decision on June 24, Biden earlier urged Congress to codify Roe, but he did not advocate doing away with the filibuster.

Only once has Biden ever asked for the proposal, during his failed attempt to pass voting reforms.

Before a piece of legislation can be granted an up or down vote in the Senate, it must receive 60 votes, which is known as the filibuster.

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