Liz Cheney Blasts Trump, Calling him a ‘Domestic Threat’

Liz Cheney

Former President Donald Trump was referred to as a “domestic menace” by Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Wyo., during a speech she gave Wednesday night at the Reagan Library in Southern California, Fox News informed.

An ex-president who is working to undermine the basis of the constitutional Republic poses a domestic threat that US have never previously faced, according to Cheney.

And he has the support of Republican elected officials and leaders, who have become willing captives to this crazy and deadly guy.

She repeated the accusations the January 6 committee, of which she is a member, has made against Trump regarding his behavior on that day, and to a roar of applause, she said that Republicans cannot have support for the former President Donald Trump and in the same time be loyal to the Constitution.

Representative Adam Kinzinger is the other Republican on the January 6 panel, apart from Cheney. She could have a formidable opponent in her primary in August.

There haven’t been many polls conducted on the contest, but one commissioned by an organization backing Harriet Hageman, a rival Trump has endorsed, shows Cheney trailing by 30 points.

However, the congresswoman stressed that “no party, no people, and no country can preserve and sustain a constitutional republic if they support and tolerate a leader who is already in a war with the constitution itself, with the democratic process, or with the peaceful transfer of power.”

In addition, Cheney criticized US President Biden for the economy and listed international dangers like Russia and North Korea, but she focused on Trump.

She claimed that her desire for her children as well as their children to be part of a nation where “the peaceful transition of power is guaranteed” led her to decide to stop supporting Trump in the first place as a mother.

The other reasons for not supporting the former president lie in the fact that she is an American and a person of faith, she argued.

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