Trump’s Lawsuit Attempt to Stop NYC Civil Probe Dismissed by Judge

Former President Donald Trump’s lawsuit seeking to stop the New York AG’s probe of his business dealings has been tossed out on Friday after the US District Court judge allowed the probe of Trump’s business to continue.

The judge granted New York Attorney General Tish James’ motion to dismiss Donald Trump’s complaint which alleged that James violated the former president’s constitutional rights by launching an investigation into the Trump Organization, claiming it was made in bad faith and without a legally sufficient basis.

James is now probing a claim that emerged out of Congressional testimony from a former Trump lawyer that alleges the Trump Organization misstated the values of assets in financial statements.

US District Court Judge Brenda Sannes allowed on Friday the probe of Trump’s business practices to continue, greenlighting James’ motion to dismiss Trump’s complaint in an apparent victory for the AG.

Syracuse- based Sannes stressed in the 43-page long explanation that she has based her ruling on case law barring federal judges from interfering in state-level cases.

Celebrating on Friday, James pointed out in a tweet that they will not be stopped by frivolous lawsuits from completing their lawful, legitimate investigation, calling a big victory the federal court’s dismissing Trump’s baseless lawsuit.

This comes just one day after a state appeals court shot down Trump’s attempt to appeal the enforcement of subpoenas for him and his two eldest children, ruling that he’d have to sit for a deposition under oath in the investigation.

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