Karine Jean-Pierre to Become Next White House Press Secretary 

Karine Jean-Pierre will be the next White House press secretary, making her the first Black and out LGBTQ person in the role. Jen Psaki departs her role as the current White House press secretary next week.

President Joe Biden announced yesterday that Jean-Pierre will step into the role next. Jean-Pierre is currently the White House’s principal deputy press Secretary. 

Biden said that Jean Pierre will bring to the role experience, talent, and integrity, all of which are massively needed for the important role. 

Jean Pierre will formally begin following Psakis’s last day on the job. Psaki is leaving the job as press secretary and taking a new role at MSNBC. 

In May 2021, Jean Pierre became the second Black woman in American history to hold a daily press briefing. She has been on the White House senior communication team since Biden first took office. Before that, she was an adviser to his campaign, as well as chief of staff to now Vice President Kamala Harris. 

Jean Pierre said that she is still processing the news that she will be the next press secretary because it is a historic moment. She said that she understands how important it is for so many people that she will be in this role and that she is able to be there because of the work done by so many communities of people. 

The departure of Psaki is not surprising according to experts because she was always vocal about doing the job for one year and then departing. 

At the White House briefing yesterday, Psaki was visibly moved and invited Jean Pierre to the podium, and the two embraced. Psaki then detailed the manny qualifications of Jean Pierre and how significant it is that she takes on the job. 

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