UK’s Liz Truss Calls for Global NATO That Will Protect Taiwan Too

Photo credit:EPA

The West needs a new, global NATO to pursue geopolitics anew since the world order created after WW2 and the Cold War isn’t working anymore, the UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss argued Wednesday in a major foreign policy speech at a Mansion House banquet in London.

Truss described her vision as one of a world where free nations are assertive and in the ascendant, and in which a network of economic and security partnerships are strengthening freedom and democracy.

Stressing that geopolitics is back, Truss argued that the arrangement, dubbed the Network of Liberty, is necessary because the economic and security structures such as the UNSC are enabling rather than containing aggression because they’ve been bent out of shape.

In the wake of the Ukraine crisis, she argued for a reboot in the free world’s approach to tackling global aggressors, pushing the US-led bloc to send Kyiv more heavy weapons, tanks, and airplanes, and pointing out that Beijing should face the same treatment as Moscow if it doesn’t play by the rules.

Singling out Taiwan’s need for protection against China, Britain’s foreign secretary noted that they must ensure democracies like the island are able to defend themselves and that a global NATO should also seek to boost security in the Indo-Pacific region, stressing that the UK rejects the false choice between Euro-Atlantic security and Indo-Pacific security.

She stressed that NATO must have a global outlook and be ready to pre-empt and tackle global threats, even in the Indo-Pacific, by working with allies like Australia and Japan and to ensure that the region is protected.

Truss’ speech comes as NATO member states discuss its new strategic concept due to be agreed upon at the next NATO summit in Madrid on June 29-30, which outlines the alliance’s future mission.

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