Trump Blasts Biden’s Withdrawal from Afghanistan

In a speech on Thursday, former President Donald Trump stated that US President Joe Biden had left the US more vulnerable to its adversaries, particularly by evacuating US soldiers from Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan, which Trump said he would have kept to monitor the nuclear program of China, Fox News informed.

Trump said that China no longer respected the US, while Iran is not afraid anymore as well, adding that the invasion of Russia on Ukraine shows that they see weakness in the leadership of the US.

Trump also said that if he was president that they would have never done what they did.

He also pointed out that what is happening now is one of the most dangerous periods in the history the US.

Trump stated that he, too, intended to withdraw from Afghanistan, but that the manner in which Biden carried out the departure “humiliated” the US.

The former president said that the US was humiliated in Afghanistan and all of the actions performed there seemed as if the US has surrendered.

He pointed out that no American soldiers died in action against the Taliban in an 18-month period.

Trump also stated that he would have maintained the US presence at Bagram Air Facility in Afghanistan, which was once the largest US military base in the country.

He said that the site, which is located just north of Kabul, Afghanistan’s capital, is close to China’s nuclear weapons manufacturing facility.

Trump argued that Biden’s inadequate leadership on the world stage is demonstrated by the failed Afghanistan pullout, and that if he were still in office, Russian President Vladimir Putin would not have attacked Ukraine.

Trump argued that Russia took Georgia under while Bush was president, and took Crimea while Obama was in office, but have not taken anything while he was running the US.

While Trump stated that the US soldiers will be evacuated, he intended to do so with “great dignity and great strength.”

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