Biden Vows to Crack Down on “Ghost Guns” 

President Joe Biden has promised to crack down on “ghost guns,” which are untraceable firearms assembled from kits, and have been used recently in a rising number of shooting crimes across America. 

Biden promised to tackle gun violence across America. He said that the new rule targeting ghost guns would make it easier for law enforcement to track the illegal firearms and catch who uses them. 

In an event at the White House Rose Garden, the president said that ghost guns are “weapons of choice for many criminals,” and that his administration is going to make every effort to take that option away, and jail people who commit crimes with ghost guns and prosecute them federally. 

Ghost guns have become a massive issue for law enforcement nationwide. They are typically assembled from kits at home. Because they do not contain serial numbers, they’re almost impossible to trace. And because they are sold without any background checks, they’re incredibly easy to acquire. 

Less than one percent of ghost guns reported by law enforcement have been able to be traced by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF). 

At the same event, Biden announced that Steve Dettelbach will lead the ATF. Dettelbach was a U.S. attorney in Ohio from 2009 to 2016. 

Biden announced the rules by the Justice Department, which will make it illegal for businesses to manufacture these kits without serial numbers, and will also make it illegal for licensed gun dealers to sell the guns without background checks. 

The gun lobby has claimed that these measures are “extreme,” but others have said they are merely asking for the bare minimum, as in to be sold to people legally with background checks and to make sure guns can be traced. 

Law experts have said that ghost gun companies have resisted regulations, and have exploited legal loopholes because they don’t want to compete with manufacturers that have to follow regulations. 

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