Biden Finds Murdoch ‘Most Dangerous Man in the World’, New Book Says

President Joe Biden called Australian-American oligarch, media tycoon, and investor Rupert Murdoch “the most dangerous man in the world,” according to a new book that will be released soon. 

Biden made the comment in mid-2021, and will be included in the book to be released in May by two New York Times reporters Jonathan Martin and Alex Burns “This Will Not Pass: Trump, Biden and the Battle for America’s Future.” 

In reports about the alleged comment, CNN said that Biden has never spoken publicly about the media baron and owner of Fox news. According to Burns and Martin, Biden had assessed Murdoch to be “one of the most destructive forces” in the U.S. 

Fox News has been criticized for having hosts and anchors that push and relay Covid misinformation, speak favorably of Russian President Vladimir Putin, and show favorability to Russia, among other things. 

Fox News has even been sued for giving voice to lies by Donald Trump over election fraud when he was defeated by Biden. 

It is well known that Fox News is widely and broadly supportive of former President Trump. However, Murdoch has indeed clashed with Trump, as he apparently thinks that Trump is a “fucking idiot”. He apparently called Trump an idiot over views on immigration. 

During the election when Trump was trying to rally together allies to overthrow election results, Murdoch reportedly personally approved Fox News’ call of Arizona for Biden. Fox News has denied this. 

People have said that while Murdoch hates Trump, he loves money, and therefore will go where the cash is. 

CNN host Brian Stelter wrote a book called “Hoax: Donald Trump, Fox News and the Dangerous Distortion of Truth” that claimed Trump’s second attorney general, William Barr, told Murdoch that a Fox News personality who was critical of Trump needed to be “muzzled.” 

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