Border Patrol Officers Expect Huge Surge of Migrants if Title 42 is Phased down

Border Patrol officials believe that if the Biden administration cancels Title 42 in May, they will be hit by a major influx of migrants at the southern border, in addition to the already overwhelming numbers they are dealing with, Fox News informed.

The Biden administration is likely to announce on May 23 that Title 42 will be phased down, giving the Department of Homeland Security time to get ready for a projected surge of migrants at the southern border, according to multiple reports.

The order was issued by the Trump administration in March 2020 in response to the outbreak of COVID-19, and it has subsequently been utilized by both the Trump and Biden governments to deport a large number of migrants at the border.

The directive resulted in the return of nearly 55 percent of the more than 164,000 migrants apprehended in February.

The repeal of the order has been advocated by left-wing activists and leading Democrats for months, but it raises concerns that it will not only result in a higher number of illegal migrants being let into the United States but will also open the door to even more migrants who will attempt to enter the country.

The reported action shocked Border Patrol officials, who have been coping with over 150,000 migrant interactions every month for over a year.

In February, there were over 164,000 migrant interactions, with the number projected to grow in March, putting significant strain on officers and facilities — and that’s before the restriction is lifted. Head of Border Patrol Raul Ortiz predicted last week that the United States will reach one million border confrontations in this fiscal year.

Several Border Patrol agents gave a statement for Fox News saying that the repeal of Title 42 would result in a lot bigger surge as migrants will communicate that they will not be deported. There are also reports that a large number of migrants are waiting in some Mexican cities for the Title 42 act to be lifted.

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