Trump Shamelessly Asks Putin for Hunter Biden Dirt

Former President Donald Trump has brazenly asked Russian President Vladimir Putin to release dirt about President Joe Biden’s family, specifically, especially about his son Hunter Biden. 

In a new interview released with conservative website JustTheNews, Trump called for Putin to release any damaging information he has on the Biden family, in a bold and shameless request for domestic political assistance from Russia. 

Experts say that this is the latest example of how willing Trump is to solicit and embrace domestic political help from foreign powers, even Putin, who is currently occupied with a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. 

In the interview, Trump pushed unproven claims about Hunter Biden’s business dealings with Russia and asked for Putin to release information about the situation. Newspapers have noted that it is not clear whether any of this material actually exists, or whether the Kremlin has access to it. 

What is known is that Hunter Biden was paid for consulting work that he did in foreign countries, which included Ukraine and China, while Joe Biden was vice president. 

There is an ongoing criminal investigation into these business dealings and with potential financial crimes. 

A Justice Department investigation into Hunter Biden’s business activities has gained a bit more steam over recent months, gathering witnesses to provide testimony to federal investigators. The probe is being led by the U.S. Attorney in Wilmington, Delaware, and began years ago, as early as 2018. 

Hunter Biden has not yet been charged with any crimes and has continued to deny any wrongdoing.

No evidence has yet emerged to support Trump’s ongoing claims that the Bidens have engaged in corruption or that they influenced American policy for personal gain. 

Trump has previously made a direct statement in an interview with Putin before. In 2016, he made an infamous comment, saying “Russia, if you’re listening,” and then urged Putin to hack Hillary Clinton’s personal emails. His public comment this week seems to harken this previous comment. 

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