Syrian Eyewitness Details Crimes Against Humanity 

A key eyewitness to crimes against humanity in Syria committed by the Assad regime and by their supporters, Russia, is speaking out for the first time. The witness has been given the codename “The Gravedigger” due to constant and ongoing threats against him and his family. 

The eyewitness spoke on CBS News and described the atrocities that he witnessed at what is now a pivotal moment in the international community, as Western countries sound alarms about civilian deaths by Russia in Ukraine. 

The Gravedigger described in the CBS News interview heartbreaking details of the Russian-backed assaults on Syrian civilians. He said that it provides indications of what is to come in Ukraine. 

Russia has supported keeping the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in power. The international community has always been critical of this. There has been an enormous civilian cost to the decade-long war in Syria, with estimates by the United Nations estimating that 400,000 have died in the war. 

The Gravedigger said that as far as Putin and Assad are concerned, they need to “go to the trash bin of history” for the crimes they have committed in the world. 

Earlier in March, the Gravedigger addressed legislative committees, as well as officials at the White House and State Department, about the heinous crimes in Syria, including how thousands of bodies have been dumped into mass graves.

Twice a week, trailer trucks would come to dump bodies in the grave, he said, estimating that each time would contain 100 to 400 bodies. The Syrians had all been prisoners who had then been tortured to death. He said once a prisoner had not yet been dead when his body was dumped, and the intelligence officer ordered the bulldozer to drive over the body to kill him on the spot. 

The Gravedigger said that all of this proves the systematic crimes against humanity, calling it a “systematic machinery of death.” 

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