Houthis ‘Hostile Operation’ Targeted Aramco Facility in Jeddah

The hostile operation by Yemen’s Iran-backed Houthi militia on the Aramco oil facility in Jeddah on Friday targeted a petroleum products distribution station and resulted in a fire in two tanks, the Arab Coalition said adding that no fatalities or injuries resulted from the attack.

The North Jeddah plant accounts for over a quarter of Saudi Arabia’s supplies, it stores diesel, gasoline, and jet fuel for use in the city and also provides fuel for a desalination plant.

The Houthi militia was warned of escalating its grave violations after targeting the Kingdom with 16 hostile attacks in one day.

Three of the attacks launched toward Najran included explosive-laden drones, while nine explosive-laden drones were launched toward the Kingdom’s southern, eastern, and central regions.

The coalition said that Saudi Arabia’s defenses intercepted and destroyed all drones and that the attacks had no impact or repercussions on ordinary life in Jeddah since they did not result in any fatalities, but the debris from the intercepted drones fell in some residential areas.

It also warned the Houthis not to test the coalition’s patience stressing that it was practicing self-restraint so the consultations among Yemen’s warring factions can succeed. GCC Secretary-General Nayef al-Hajraf announced recently that Riyadh will host talks between Yemen’s warring parties from March 29 until April 7.

The Iran-backed militia’s hostile escalation in Yemen has threatened global energy security with the wave of drone and missile attacks on oil facilities in the Kingdom targeting the artery of the global economy, the coalition accused.

The Houthi assault on the Kingdom last weekend has caused a temporary drop in output at Yasref refinery and a fire at a petroleum products distribution terminal while the March 11 attack on a refinery in Riyadh caused a small fire.

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