Biden Goes Viral Saying the US Must Lead New World Order

US President Joe Biden raised eyebrows on Monday in both the US and around the world after he claimed in a speech that soon there’s going to be new world order and that the United States must lead it and unite the world.

The comment made ahead of the Business Roundtable’s CEO quarterly meeting on Monday has promptly gone viral and the New World Order was trending in the fourth spot on Twitter with 74,000 tweets.

Dwelling on the Russia-Ukraine war during the speech at The Business Roundtable, a non-profit lobbyist association whose members are the chief executive officers of several major US companies, Biden claimed the world was at an inflection point which occurs every three or four generations and that it was up to the US to determine the outcome.

The comment was made in the context of a larger speech about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the economy, investing in American businesses, and the importance of investing in innovations and people.

Historically used by politicians, such as former US President George H. W. Bush, to refer to an era of great global change, the term ‘new world order’ is also the name of a major long-standing conspiracy theory that alleges a secret, elitist plot to form an oppressive global, totalitarian government by secretive forces like the Illuminati or Freemasons.

Just like many politicians and government officials before him, most recently the chief health officer of the Australian state of New South Wales, Dr. Kerry Chant, has found himself heavily criticized for using the term during a September Covid-19 press conference, saying that the world will witness what contact tracing looks like in the new world order.

Former journalist Chris Urquhart later advised government officials in his article to avoid phrases like the new world order when talking about massive limitations on people’s freedoms.

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