Supreme Court Senate Hearings for Nominee Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson to Begin

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is set to proceed in a process that will, by all accounts, eventually make her the 116th Supreme Court justice, in a process that has so far been devoid of drama and rancor, Fox News informed.

The 51-year-old candidate will go before the Senate Judiciary Committee for public hearings on Monday, with supporters praising her extensive legal experience, perceived sensitivity, and capacity to make history.

Her appointment would fulfill President Biden’s promise to appoint the nation’s first Black woman to the Supreme Court, but the four-day hearings might raise unpleasant concerns about race and whether the courts and judges have become too politicized.

The White House, on the other hand, is quietly optimistic that Jackson, a federal appeals court judge in Washington, would receive the coveted promotion.

Despite an extensive paper path and her multiple professional hats, Senate Democrats have expedited Judge Jackson’s confirmation:

– Supreme Court legal clerk to Justice Stephen Breyer, whom she would succeed.

– Attorney with four prestigious law firms

– Public defender of the United States

(Thurgood Marshall was the last justice to have extensive expertise defending criminal defendants.)

– Member of the United States Sentencing Commission, which implemented bipartisan measures to lessen disparities in prison sentence for certain drug offenders during her tenure.

– Eight years as a federal district court judge

– Judge in the D.C. Circuit of the United States Court of Appeals, where three current justices previously sat.

Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, Susan Collins of Maine, and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina were the three Republicans that voted for her in June for that position.

In announcing Jackson last month, the president said he wanted someone who “reflects the complete skills and glory of our nation with an amazing nominee, and that we inspire all young people to feel that they can one day serve their country at the greatest level.”

Biden fulfilled a 2020 campaign pledge to pick a Black woman to the Supreme Court by doing so.

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