House GOP Want Answers from Environment Groups about Russian Collusion

Republicans on the House Energy and Commerce Committee are urging environmental groups to disclose their ties to a non-governmental organization that is apparently utilized by Russian President Vladimir Putin to influence American energy output, according to the committee, Fox News informed.

According to Republicans on the committee, three environmental groups – the LCV or the League of Conservation Voters, the Natural Resources Defense Council, and the Sierra Club – have ties to the Sea Change Foundation, a San Francisco-based non-profit environmental organization.

Republicans asked each of the three groups in a letter for information about the financing they’ve obtained from Sea Change since 2006, as well as if they’re “informed of allegations that Sea Change might also be a channel for Russian funding.”

The GOP members sought to explore the links of these organizations with the Sea Change amid the Vladimir Putin’s dark influence in EU as well as the US, adding that every action performed by Putin, or other Russian government officials aimed at undermining the US energy segment and its security have to be addressed.

The Republicans also inquired if the groups had received cash or taken a specific action in response to a request “from the Russian government or anyone linked with the Russian government.”

Friday, February 19, 2021, an oil pump jack in a field of wind turbines in Corpus Christi, Texas, United States.

According to Republicans on the committee, all three organizations have been top recipients of Sea Change funds since 2006. Over 20 Republican members of Congress signed the letter, including Energy and Commerce Committee Republican chairman Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers of Washington and ranking member Rep. Fred Upton of Michigan.

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