Trump Says the US Should Put Chinese Flags on Jets to Bomb Russia

The chairman of the House Select Committee probing the tragic Jan. 6 brawl at the Capitol revealed on Thursday that the panel had subpoenaed four top government officials of Donald Trump's administration, together with Mark Meadows and Steve Bannon.
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In yet another bizarre speech, former President Donald Trump suggested that the United States put Chinese flags on fighter jets and send them to “bomb the s*** out of Russia.” 

Trump literally proposed a false-flag attack while speaking at a Republican fundraiser in New Orleans over the weekend. In his 84 minutes speech, Trump said that after American planes pretending to be Chinese bombed Russia, that the U.S. should say that China did it, and then the two countries would go to war with each other, and “we sit back and watch.” 

GOP donors giggled at the idea. 

It is only the latest in deranged, rogue ideas by the former president in relation to the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine. A couple of weeks ago, Trump called Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion “genius” and praised Putin for being “smart” “savvy” and “brilliant.” 

But on Saturday, he took a different tone, asking if other nations were going to stand by and “watch perhaps millions of people be slaughtered as the onslaught continues.” He even called it a crime against humanity. 

Trump then claimed he was the toughest president in Russia. This is despite numerous accounts of him continuously praising and admiring Putin. 

During his presidency, Trump would praise Putin and even sided with him against his own intelligence agencies at a public press conference. Trump was also responsible for holding up a military aid package to Ukraine. Analysts and experts say that in fact, Trump was incredibly weak on Russia. 

The comments on Russia were not the only bizarre ones made in his nearly hour and a half speech. Trump also told donors that North Korea’s Kim Jong Un had the ability to make his advisers “cower,” and said he wants his staff to also act like that. He called Kim “seriously tough” and labeled him “absolutely the leader of that country.” 

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