NFL to Suspend All Covid Protocols

The NFL and its players’ union have agreed to suspend all Covid protocols. 

The NFL and the union National Football League Players Association (NFLPA) sent a memo to all 32 of the NFL teams saying that it would be terminating all Covid protocols due to the recent decline in Covid cases. The memo also said that this update follows recent guidance provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). 

Today the CDC eased its mask recommendation for most people across America and advised that communities with “low” or “medium” Covid rates can now go mask-less. 

Following the change in CDC guidance, the NFL issued the memo saying that encouraging trends regarding covid rates and severity, along with the evolving CDC guidance and changes to state laws, as well as counsel of experts, meant they too can evolve their rules around Covid. 

To the 32 teams, the memo also stipulated that teams should abide by their state and local laws. Players and staff members will not have to wear face masks at team facilities unless the individual team requires a mask mandate. Social distancing signs will no longer be required either. 

This means that there will no longer be mandatory surveillance testing of any players or staff, no matter whether they are vaccinated or not. Testing will only take place when clinically indicated, or if the team or a doctor says so. 

Some star players, including Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, refused to get Covid vaccinations, which has led to a controversy surrounding the NFL and how it handles the ongoing pandemic. 

Despite the noise made by the few players who were unvaccinated, the majority of players for the NFL did get their Covid vaccines. The NFL announced in January this year that 95 percent of its players are vaccinated, and that 100 percent of team personnel had received their vaccinations.

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